Meet Our Leaders

Jim Cross

Family – Husband of Gail (1979); Father of Jeff (married to Kimi) and Matt

Hobbies – Biking, reading, watching sports, eating (😀)

Favorite Restaurant – Breakfast – Stackers; Lunch – Panera Bread; Dinner – Logan’s

Favorite place(s) I’ve traveled – Tanzania…amazing to see and experience life with believers in this part of the world!

How you met Gail – We were in the same chemistry lab section at CMU.   She claims she could not figure out how to work her buchner funnel.   I helped her….and the rest is history!   I always have wondered if she ‘really’ needed help….

Kevin Nehrt

Family – Husband of Janelle (1993); Father to three children – Christa, Matthew and Makayla

Hobbies – Camping, Canoeing, Backpacking

Favorite Restaurant – Breakfast – Perkins (too bad there aren’t any around here); Lunch – Jimmy John’s; Dinner – Outback

Favorite place(s) I’ve traveled – Thailand – visiting Faith Village orphanage and seeing God’s work in the lives of these young children

How you met Janelle – I met Janelle while attending church at the Baptist Student Foundation, a campus ministry at Purdue University in Indiana

Billy Strawter, Sr.

Family – Husband of Lee Anna (1972); Father of Billy Jr., and Safiya; Grandfather of Savannah, Quinn and Troy

Hobbies – Photography (I enjoy taking pictures in the natural state and without people posing), Walking, and Golfing

Favorite Restaurant – Breakfast – Big Boy; Lunch – PI’s; Dinner – Applebee’s and Logan’s

Favorite place(s) I’ve traveled – Uganda: Enjoyed the beauty of Africa and overjoyed to visit the country of my ancestors. Enjoyed ministering to the people and love how receptive they were to the gospel. Jamaica: Loved the beauty of the beaches and the friendliness of the Islanders. England: Enjoyed the rich history and the amazing old buildings remaining. It was awesome to see Stonehenge.

How you met Lee Anna – I met Lee Anna at Fort Valley State College in an Algebra class. She was a math major. We studied together to help me improve my math skills and the rest is history. God made it possible for me to meet my wife.

John Vander Male

Family – Husband of Duffy (1982); Father of Meghan, Tim and Julie

Hobbies – Fishing – When you catch a fish, you can release it. The older I get, the more I like that concept! I have been spectacularly unsuccessful the last few years trying to grow raspberries. The birds and bugs seem to really appreciate my efforts. Hiking northern Michigan. Recently rediscovered Silver Mountain and Sturgeon River falls in Baraga County.

Favorite Restaurant – Breakfast – Big Boy; Lunch – PI’s; Dinner – Applebees

Favorite place(s) I’ve traveled – Northern Ontario – Enjoy the quiet of the Canadian wilderness.

How you met Duffy – We met in Mt. Pleasant Michigan where we were both involved in a ministry to developmentally disabled adults. The ministry was a cooperative effort from many different churches in the community. It turns out that Duffy’s dad used to work for the same company that I was working for at the time we met.

Nate Yurgaites

Family – Husband of Betsy (2016), Dad to Desi, Bri, and Calvin.

Hobbies – Guitar, Drums, Reading, Coffee

Favorite Restaurant – Chick-fil-a, Yayas, and Biggby

Favorite place I’ve traveled – Guantanamo Bay

How you met Betsy – A young adult Bible study, coincidentally at Sunrise!

Philip Miles

Family – Husband of Kari (1999), Dad to Gavin (17), Gunner (15), Mayleigh (7) and Griffin (6)

Hobbies – Podcasts, Reading, Guitar, Cheering from the sidelines of whatever one of my kids is doing, Dreaming with my wife

Favorite Restaurant – Chick-fil-a, Shier’s

Favorite place(s) I’ve traveled – Hawaii and China

How you met Kari – We went to college together in Arlington, TX and I was won over by her amazing cartwheel abilities.

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